Annapurna Circuit Trek Costs is one of the most famous and popular trekking routes in Nepal which is 130-230 km(100-145 mi) long, 12-22 day trek in Nepal that circles the Annapurna trek where there are very beautiful and huge two river valleys. Annapurna circuit is also known as the best long-distance trek in the world.

It has a wide variety of climate zones with cultural variety from Hindu villages at the low foothills to the Tibetan culture village of Manang Valley and lower Mustang. The circuit is very tough at times, and the high altitude and unpredictable weather of the Annapurna mountain range.

Reach altitudes of more than 5000 metres, and discover the ancestral traditions of local people and locals with organic food where trekkers can experience a lot of food on that journey and immerse themselves completely in the spectacular mountain wilderness of the Annapurna circuit.

We have divided the Annapurna circuit trek cost into two sections in the blog. The first section covers the cost of the Annapurna circuit trek package with a Nepali trek operator. It covers all the information related to the package cost- what it covers and whatnot. You will also get to know how you can get the best deal.

Annapurna Circuit trek has the best mountain scenes with the beauty of nature and it has a two-night accommodation in Kathmandu and one-night accommodation in Pokhara while living in these two accommodations you can have Nepali local foods.

There are different varieties of food in Nepal, whose prices are around USD 50 to USD 100 having different Nepali dishes. You can taste many dishes for USD 50.

Famous Nepali Local Food:


Nepali Local Dishes

Ground Transportation  for Annapurna Circuit costs:

Annapurna Circuit Trek Costs

Our Annapurna Circuit trek costs USD 860 per person. There is also a discount which will let you do this trek at just USD 950 per person.

While doing the trek, there are many transportation options to go on Annapurna Circuit trek. Trekkers on the Annapurna Circuit now must decide where to begin the journey.

On that journey the stretch is beautiful, the Marsyangdi River Valley with the big mountains at this point the trekkers complete with a stream of jeeps and buses.

Annapurna circuit as it’s important to remember that development along the Annapurna Circuit occurred long before the roads were built.

Annapurna circuit is also like if you would have enjoyed the circuit ten years ago, you will enjoy it today. The influx of trekkers over the last thirty years led to significant infrastructure, teahouses and small communities supported by trekking.

Other treks in Nepal offer more of a wilderness experience, but the teahouses on the Annapurna Circuit are a luxury that facilitates weeks of trekking while carrying only a fraction of the supplies.

Trek guide, assistant guide and porter

We have a highly experienced lead guide, an assistant guide and potters too who have guides having experience of 7 years. Our guide has good English skills and many languages and will guide trekkers.

So it will be very easy to communicate with him or her no matter what. They will be guiding you for the entire trip. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about concerts or difficulties during the trip. The trip can be tossed to him or her.

While many trek the Annapurna Circuit without a guide, and do so safely, there are many very real pluses to trekking with a guide.

If you are hiring a guide from Kathmandu it will cost an extra USD 120 for Guide airfare. We have different costs for guides and porters according to the number of trekkers:

30  USD for 1-3 Trekkers

50 USD for 4-6 Trekkers

60 USD for 6- 10 Trekkers

70 USD for 11 and above

For porters, it costs around USD 25 to USD 35 per day.

The Best Time to Hike Annapurna Circuit

Best Season for Annapurna Circuit

For the Annapurna Circuit, October and November or April and May is the best season and best times because at that time tree’s leaves are blooming and new leaves are growing, the sky is open and you can see beautiful scenes and mountains as well.

For trekking every season has its significance and offers a lot of excitement and a very good atmosphere. That’s why you can go trekking year-round.

From this season there is also the best of the best spring and autumn which contemplates the trekking season. Most trekkers do trekking in this season. In the months from March to May, there will be pre-monsoon, and the season from October to early December, where there will be post-monsoon, which is a popular season for trekking.

There are four best seasons mentioned below:

Spring Season For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Best view at spring season

Spring (March-May) is the high season and trekkers from around the globe come to the Annapurna Region in large numbers. This is a great time to connect with mind-blowing adventures when the temperature is very good this season. In springtime, the temperature is pleasant, the precipitation is low and the hiking conditions are great.

Summer Season For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Best View In Spring Season

The summer season is in the months of June, July and August. In this season there will be a chance to see the beautiful view of the mountains. It seems cloudy most of the time. In this monsoon season, it rains a lot. In this summer season, there will be higher temperatures and it will be quite pleasant.

Autumn Season For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Best view at Autumn season

Autumn is known as springtime,  the best season and best times because at that time trees leaves are blooming and new leaves are growing, the sky is open and you can see beautiful scenes and mountains as well as. This is also known as post-monsoon and the air is very crystal clear, allowing for the jaw-dropping views of the mountains.

Winter Season For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Best view at Winter season

Winter has cold temperatures and high snowfall probabilities but the highest density of wildlife, spring has a temperate climate but frequent afternoon showers, summer has monsoon rains but beautiful blooming of flora and fall has perfect weather conditions but extremely crowded trekking trails. The climate will be very cold this season. Add wind and snowfall and you will feel a winter expedition.

Annapurna Conservation Area Permits

Everyone should take and purchase the Annapurna Circuit of Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, and so we take care of this for you.

The Annapurna circuit trek requires ample preparations. Among them is obtaining the Annapurna circuit trek permits.

Trekkers can take a permit from(TIMS Permit and ACAP)To trek the Annapurna Circuit. You can take permits from TIMS and be happy on your journey. There is the necessary permits are given below:

  1. ACAP entry fee for foreigners: US $30 (NPR 3000)
  2. ACAP entry fee for SAARC nationals: 1000 NPR
  3. TIMS permit for foreign nationals: US $10 (for group   travellers) & US $20 (for individual travellers)
  4. TIMS permit for SAARC nationals: US $3 (for group      travellers) & US $6 (for individual travellers)

Annapurna Circuit Accommodation costs

Accommodations are usually very basic along this Annapurna Circuit Trek route. The  Normal accommodation, Twin sharing rooms and a shared bathroom cost you about $3-$5 if you take your dinner and breakfast in the same lodge.

You should have to be careful they might charge you Over 30$ if you eat and sleep in a different lodge.

Some lodges also offer a comfortable room with a private bathroom with fast wifi and hot water facilities. It costs from $10 to $15 per night.

Other costs 

There are costs beyond guides, porters and food and drink on the Annapurna Circuit. The other costs are down below the prices that you might see on the tail:

Shower: $3-$6

Wifi: $2-$5

Electricity: $2-$5

Is The Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficult?

Annapurna Region is not just popular and desired for its flawless beauty but for its availability as well and it’s a hard trek that trekkers have told while giving feedback.

Also, throughout the times during the trek, you remain above 3000 m. You make your way through a few of the toughest terrains, which are rough, dry, and steep most of the time. This adds to the Annapurna trek difficulty level.

Unlike many other treks, you cannot level down the Annapurna Circuit trek difficulty level. You could skip certain segments of the trail, but in terms of doing so, you’ll take the best elements away from the journey.

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