Chitwan is famous for its horn Rhino and Bengal tiger. Many people visit Chitwan for jungle safari cultural observation and study. Chitwan is a hot place so it would be your right choice if you choose our Ac jeep, which will not trouble you and you will enjoy looking out from Kathmandu to Chitwan by car or jeep.

You can reach Chitwan in approximately 5 to 6 hours which will depend on vehicle types and the conditions of the road. The distance between Kathmandu to Chitwan is almost 175 kilometers.

The Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara Tour is one of the best Nepal travel packages that lets you enjoy the country’s best natural, cultural, and Himalayan features comfortably. Nepal is a beautiful country with many attributes that extend to natural forms, embedded with the towering mountain peaks and the ethnic communities that are spread throughout the nation.

It presents a grand time filled with wonderful natural sceneries, cultural treasures, and Himalayan pulchritude in just 8 days!

From Kathmandu, it will continue the drive on the Prithvi Highway up to Narayanghat, after that it will continue on Mahendra Highway until you reach your destination.

Then it continues on Mahendra Highway to the destination. Mahendra Highway which is also called East-West Highway connects Nepal from East to the west. The total driving time is approx. 5 to 6 hours.

Road Conditions while traveling from Kathmandu to Chitwan by car or Jeep

Road conditions are good while traveling from Kathmandu to Chitwan but when it rains the road may be blocked in such cases due to landslides and it has several factors. It is the main problem on the road.

Where the roads are under construction it may make your ride slow and there will be a lot of traffic there. The road is muddy, gravel, or off-road.

 Experience The Spectacular Highways And Scenes

On this journey firstly starts the tour from Kathmandu. You can visit these cities to explore the different Newari cultures and many historical, and cultural heritage sites are located in these cities.

There is also a river called Trishuli and Seti River. It also has stunning views whereas the Seti River has a quine contribution that is Nepal’s largest hydropower.

You will pass through Bandipur which is known for its preserved Newari architecture and cultural heritage. It is an attractive town.

This trip will take you through a calm and enjoyable journey, there are many hills and mountains with many twists and turns.

After reaching your destination(Chitwan). Chitwan National Park which has been listed at UNESCO. You can also see many plants and animals.

What Would be the distance between Kathmandu and Chitwan?

The distance between Kathmandu and Chitwan is 170 kilometers.

Transportation modes to travel from Kathmandu to Chitwan

The various transportation modes are given below:

  1. Public Bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan
  2. Tourist Bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan
  3. Private car or Jeep from Kathmandu to Chitwan
  4. By Flight from Kathmandu to Chitwan

Kathmandu to Chitwan by car

Traveling by car is more comfortable where there will be a capacity of 5 seaters including the driver. The main point is that Chitwan is a tourist destination in Sauraha.

In the car, it is easy to travel with 3 persons in total excluding the driver. It takes 5 to 6 hours to reach Chitwan to Kathmandu by car depending on the road condition.

There are different types of car brands available here in Nepal. If you have any luggage there will be storage in a car for luggage at the back. There will be great facilities with great Air conditioning.

Kathmandu – Chitwan Car Rental Costs

Car rental service is also available in Kathmandu, where it costs around $140 for a four-wheeler with a seven-seater excluding the driver.

Kathmandu to Chitwan by jeep 

You can also take photos and experience landscapes and beautiful scenes while passing through hills following the riverbanks. To enjoy all the pristine nature, traveling in a jeep is the best option and it is comfortable and will take around 5 to 6 hours in a jeep.

The jeep service from Kathmandu to Chitwan is made for people who prefer easy and relaxing road trips. Since the road to Chitwan is not bad, I haven’t to be worried with 8 passengers on board.

Kathmandu – Chitwan Jeep Rental Costs

Hiring a jeep from Kathmandu to Chitwan will cost around $230.

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