Travelling Kathmandu to Pokharaa there will be an exciting view of the surroundings, which offers beautiful scenes. There are huge landscapes with fully green forests while travelling to Pokhara where its distance is around 206 kilometres and takes 5 to 6 hours.

Pokhara is a famous tourist destination where you can see the views of the Annapurna range and you will get a chance to experience the landside town of Pokhara.

The name of the highway is Prithvi Highway. This trip offers a relaxing environment and you can also see the beautiful views of the mountains with fresh weather.

After you reach your destination Pokhara which is in central Nepal. Is one of the famous lakes in Pokhara, Phewa Lake. In Pokhara there are many popular temples, fall caves and lakes.

Road conditions from Kathmandu to Pokhara 

The road conditions are bad in some places which are under construction. While travelling you can also find a lot of twists and turns which are covered with hills and mountains. Prithvi Highways are mostly two-lane roads and black-topped.

In this route, the major problem is landslides during monsoon which can delay your trip. After having these problems there will be traffic delays due to maintaining the road that landscapes have blocked the road.

In many highways, the road is under-construction work because of expanding the width of roads which helps to save time while travelling. The Government of Nepal has started to maintain the road conditions as soon as possible.

Experience The Spectacular Highways And Scenes

You can experience the stunning highway views while travelling from Kathmandu to Pokhara. This trip will take you through a calm and enjoyable journey, crossing the hills and mountains with twists and turns.

There is also a river called Trishuli and Seti River. It also has stunning views whereas the Seti River has a quine contribution that is Nepal’s largest hydropower.

You will pass through Bandipur which is known for its preserved Newari architecture and cultural heritage. It is an attractive town.

Kathmandu to Pokhara distance

The distance between Kathmandu and Pokhara is 206 kilometres. 

Kathmandu to Pokhara private transportation modes

There are different types of transportation modes that I have mentioned below:

1. Car where it has 3-4 seats which will cost around USD 170

2. Scorpio where it has 5-7 seats which will cost around USD 240

3. Hiace it has 14 seats it will cost around USD 280

4. Coaster which has 22 seats costs around USD 400

Kathmandu to Pokhara by car

You can find different internationally branded private cars in Kathmandu at a very cheap price. You can also hire a driver for your trip to both cities. There are different models of international brands like Toyota, Kia, Ford, Skoda and other server brands of capacities of 4 to 7 persons.

Travelling in a car can be very suitable and comfortable where you can prefer privacy and flexibility in the car.

In the car, it takes about 6-7 hours to cross the distance between Pokhara and Kathmandu depending on road conditions and traffic jams. The car offers drinking water and Air conditioning service.

Kathmandu to Pokhara by jeep

You can find a jeep service for a luxury trip to Pokhara with a driver at a cheap cost. You can find major jeep brands which are  Toyota Land Cruiser, Mahindra Scorpio and similar types of jeeps with 4WD feature

It is the best option for 5 to 8 people in a group with luggage. Jeeps are a popular choice for travellers who seek a more rugged and adventurous journey.

It takes about 5-6 hours to cross the Kathmandu – Pokhara distance by Jeep which is around 200 km.

Kathmandu to Pokhara car rental costs

The cost varies for the marvellous car drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. It depends on factors like the number of people making the journey and the standard of the vehicle. The cost of car transport will be significantly cheaper if you travel on a two-person basis or in a group.

You can rent a car with a comfortable space for 4 people. The car will include extra services like Air conditioning and Multimedia entertainment. These cars will cost you around $ 150 to $ 190.

Kathmandu to Pokhara jeep rental costs

Jeep rental service is also available in Kathmandu, where it costs around $240 for a four-wheeler with a seven-seater excluding the driver, at a reasonable rate for jeep rental service.

While hiring a jeep there will be facilities conditioned with A/c and luxury seats. Jeep Rental service is best for different purposes, especially for off-road tours and to travel in rural regions.

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