The mesmerizing trek in Manaslu takes you through a relatively off-the-beaten remote path to the beautiful landscapes, fierce white water river falls, and dense forests to Manaslu mountain (8,156m/26,758ft), the world’s eighth highest peak. 

Manaslu Circuit is among a few trekking regions where single solo trekkers are allowed as there should be two people in a group. It’s a major attraction of the Manaslu region, Where trekkers can explore the hidden culture and beauty around the Manaslu region.

Manaslu Base Camp is a trek for trekkers who want something different in Nepal but still offer the most striking and jaw-dropping scenery. Manaslu trek is easily obtained, and no more stressful domestic flights are required than other treks. 

This nearly 111-mile hike from Soti Khola is as exciting as it’s stunning, with mountainous scenery, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful wilderness.

Manaslu Circuit trek highlights

  1. The jaw-dropping natural beauty of the forests, rivers, and flora in the Manaslu region
  2. On the route between Kathmandu to Manaslu Circuit there are very famous historical places, visit the famous historical Gorkha Empire and visit the largest Gurung Barpak village.
  3. Friendly people, and rich culture of the region, which includes both Nepalese & Tibetan ethnic groups.
  4. Have an experience of rich local culture and be involved in their vibrant traditions.
  5. Larky La Pass (5,167 m / 16,952 ft), is the highest point on the trek.
  6. Stunning view of some of the highest peaks in the world- Manaslu, Himlung, Annapurna II
  7. Have experience of local Nepali food by staying at a nearby residence.
  8. Abundant wildlife, including Tahr, Agali, Pika, Himalayan Marmots, and if lucky, Snow Leopard

Best time/season to do the trek for Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a multi-season adventure in Nepal. You can plan to trek in any season at Manaslu Circuit. As a result, the best times for Manaslu trekking are spring and autumn.

These times of year offer stable weather conditions and clear visibility, there will be festival celebrations, longer days and mild temperatures. The specific months that are considered ideal for the trek are:

 Spring season (March to May)

This season is the most popular season that all treks want to trek in this season because this season is fit for everything. In this season, the weather is generally stable, and the temperatures are mild. The rhododendron flowers bloom, adding vibrant colours to the landscape. The visibility is excellent, offering clear views of the Himalayan peaks. 

Spring offers a unique and rewarding experience for trekking the Manaslu Circuit. The pleasant weather, vibrant landscapes, and safe trails make it an ideal time for seasoned trekkers and those seeking a challenging yet beautiful adventure.

Monsoon Season(June to August) 

Monsoon Season means you are working and travelling with the rain. If you’re thinking of trekking this season, the trek will be much more enterprising and have some jaw-dropping views.

Some great natural occurrences happened at higher altitudes only during the monsoon season. In monsoon season it’s risky to travel due to heavy rainfall. In this season there will be changes of landslides and floods as well.

Manaslu Trekking in the Autumn  Season(September to November)

Autumn season means this is a very suitable season for trekking. In the Autumn season, the weather is suitable for travel and all the trekkers plan to travel all around Nepal at this season. This is also known as post-monsoon and the air is very crystal clear. 

At this season it is time for the trees’ leaves to bloom new leaves are growing, the sky is open and you can see beautiful scenes and mountains as well. In the Autumn season, there are lots of festivals going on around Nepal.

Manaslu Trekking in Winter Season( December to February)

In winter it has cold temperatures and high snowfall probabilities but the highest density of wildlife, spring has a temperate climate but frequent afternoon showers, summer has monsoon rains but beautiful blooming of flora and fall has perfect weather conditions but extremely crowded trekking trails.

 The climate will be very cold this season. Add wind and snowfall and you will feel a winter expedition. In this season skies will be clear. Accordingly, the temperature is easily down to 20ºC  during the nighttime and early morning and warm during the daytime but it will decrease as the sun sets. 

Necessary permits required for Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Nepal’s Government has announced the Manaslu Region as a restricted area to control so trekkers should get a permit to control the region. Independent trekkers are not allowed in Manaslu, and trekkers should take permits for entry.

The government rules also state there must be a minimum of two trekkers in a group, accompanied by a local guide. Additionally, your permit must be processed through a registered agency. Freelance guides cannot issue the necessary permits for the Manaslu Circuit.

These three permits must be booked after going on the trek with the help of a local agency or with a licensed guide.

There are necessary documents  permit for the Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Information for Manaslu Circuit Trek permits, there are two ways to the application process for obtaining Manaslu Trek Permits. You can fill out the forms online or visit your trekking agency for help which is for the offline application process. Trekkers should admit the specific requirements, procedures, and forms to fill out during the application process.

The essential documents are valid passports, copies of valid visas, passport-size photographs and others.

The main important information is that you should be aware of your documents like restrictions, including age, group size and the professional guides. If the documents are okay then the application process will go without any problems and you will obtain the required permits such as MCAP, RAP, and ACAP.

Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu

This special Restricted Area Permit is a mandatory license that the trekker must obtain before going on the Manaslu Trek. This is the first permit to enter the Manaslu Region in the first phase.

 This permit will work until you reach Samagaon. This license is required for multiple days, at least around 7 to 10 days, during the Manaslu Circuit Trek permits

Cost of Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu Trek

The cost of a special restricted area permit for Manaslu depends on the year you are trekking to Manaslu. Another reason for the price of this permit differs from one season to another.

There are different costs for different seasons. In the Autumn Season from September to November, you must pay USD 100 per person. This license is for seven days. You should have to pay an additional cost of USD 15 per person from the eighth day.

On the other hand, if you choose to trek in the Spring season from March to May, you must pay USD 75 per person and it will be valid for seven days. After the seventh day, trekkers will be charged USD 10 per person per day, which is quite affordable for everyone.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project(MCAP Permit)

This permit is also the next important permit for Manaslu Conservation Area which is required for Manaslu Trek. This permit is also required for a multi-day purpose which is for 5 to 7 days same as the restricted area permit.

This permit cost depends on the number of total people on the days, which will start from the trek from Philim.

Cost for  Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP Permit)

The total cost for the Manaslu Conservation Area Project costs is affordable price which is around USD 30 per person. If you use this permit for long days there is no price tag even in this MCAP Permit.

This is a very good permit because there is no validity depending on the seasons, but the cost is $30 all over the years. 

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP Permit)

Like MCAP, you must have ACAP for Manaslu Trek. The outing also goes through the protected site. You must show the permit at Dharapani, which will work until Besishar. The fee of this permit also remains identical. So trekkers should take a license to obtain permission to enter it.

Cost of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP Permit)

In the Annapurna Conservation Area project, the price tag will be the same. Whether you travel during the peak seasons like spring, autumn, winter and monsoon the price will be the same there wouldn’t be any charge for except permits. The permit charge of the Annapurna Conservation Area project is around USD 30 per person.

Packing lists for Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost 

Manaslu is an incredible journey that a lot of local and foreign people are planning on. But this is the  8th highest mountain which is not an easy task. So if you go on the trip you should have to prepare the right things for your backpack that are important for your trek journey. 

You should have to prepare and carry all the important equipment for your journey including documents, clothes, footwear, sleeping gear, first aid and many more.

The important equipment that is required for your trek is included below:

Travel Documents

1. valid passport
2. Nepal Visa
3. Travel Insurance
4. Few Passport-size photos

Head Gear

  1. Head Scarf
  2. Warm hat
  3. Brimmed hat 
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Balaclava

Body Wear

  1. Waterproof Plus and Windproof Jacket
  2. Hiking Pants
  3. Down jacket
  4. Soft Fleece Jacket 
  5. Rain Gear
  6. Hiking Shorts
  7. Polypropylene Sleeve Shirt
  8. Light Thermal Tops and Trousers 
  9. Bralette
  10. Underwear

Hand Gear

  1. Waterproof Gloves 
  2. Fleece Gloves

Travel Footwear

  1. Slippers
  2. Trekking Boots 
  3. Thermal Socks 
  4. Hiking Socks
  5. Microspikes
  6. Gaiters 


  1. Trekking poles 
  2. Day Backpack 
  3. Duffle Bags 
  4. RainCoat/ Rain Poncho 
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Small locks 
  7. Dry bags or plastic 
  8. Compass
  9. Binoculars

Sleeping Gear

  1. Sleeping bag liner
  2. Pillow
  3. Ear plugs 
  4. Sleeping Bags

First Aid and Medicines

  1. Eye drops 
  2. Hand sanitiser
  3. Electrolytes, powder or tablets 
  4. Diamox for altitude sickness 
  5. Oral Rehydration Sachets  
  6. Cough lozenges
  7. Painkillers: such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol
  8. Insect repellant 
  9. Foot Powder
  10.  Skin blister repair kit 
  11.  Sprain spray 
  12. Antidiarrheals 
  13. Water purification tablets or water filters 
  14. Oral Rehydration Sachets 

Toiletries and Hygiene

  1. Toothbrush 
  2. Toilet paper 
  3. Nail Brush 
  4. Deodorants 
  5. Multi-purpose soap 
  6. Quick Shampoo
  7. A small bar or soap bottle 
  8. Toothpaste 

Personal Care 

  1. Face and body moisturizer 
  2. Wet wipes 
  3. Lip Balm 
  4. Sun Screen 


  1. Portable charger 
  2. Cell phones
  3. Earphones or Headphones
  4. Camera 
  5. Universal adapter 
  6. Charger

Where can I buy these packing list items? 

After arriving in your home country in Kathmandu. You can buy everything in Kathmandu. There are different shops and marts available in Kathmandu so you can buy these items from this store. 

Costs for Manaslu Circuit Trek cost 

The  Manaslu Circuit Trek Costs you anywhere  From USD 900- 1600 per person for a 14 -16 16-day package, Generally, This cost includes meals, lodge accommodation,  a professional English-speaking guide and a porter (limited baggage allowed) for the trip. 

 It comes with Guide, and Porter insurance for emergency services and covers government taxes and other service fees as well.

The cost does not include client insurance, personal expenses and tips 

Accordingly, for 2 to 3 people it’s about USD 995. It is low in price compared to 1 person. For 4 to 5 groups of people, the cost is USD 895. USD 875 in the group of 6 to 10  which is affordable for everyone.  

Equipment and clothing costs

Cost for Equipment and Clothing Costs:

           Item                       Cost

  • Fleece set      –     13 – 15 USD
  • Headlight      –    22 – 24 USD
  • Sleeping Bag   – 60 – 62 USD
  • Hiking shirt    – 4 – 5 USD
  • Windproof gloves   – 12 – 12 USD
  • Down Jacket    –  50 – 80 USD
  • Sunglass    –       15 – 17 USD
  • Trekking Stick  –    10 – 60 USD
  • Warm Hat    –    5 – 10 USD
  • Trekking socks    –   1-2 USD
  • Backpack 55L –        33 – 35 USD
  • Daypack 25L to 35L    –    21 – 26 US


Cost for Renting things:

         Item                             Cost Per Day 

  • Sleeping Bags       –        1 – 2 USD
  • Trekking Poles     –      Less than 1 USD
  • Hiking Boots        –      1 – 2 USD
  • Down Jacket        –       1 – 2 USD   

 Transportation in Manaslu Circuit Trek 

To start your journey there is the head to starting point of the trek which will start on an off-road local bus leap for Sotikola. There are two types of ground transportation available for Manaslu Circuit Trek. One is a local bus or hiring a private jeep. For added comfort and satisfaction, for that you may hire a private jeep.

While the local bus ride to Sotikhola comes at less than USD 10 per person, opting for a private jeep will cost approximately USD 250 to 300 for a one-way trip to the trailhead. If you wish to extend your journey to Machhekhola, expect to pay between USD 300 and 340.

Upon completing your trek, return to Kathmandu hassle-free from Tal or Besisahar. Similar to the outbound journey, local jeep services operate regularly between Tal and Besisahar, with fares ranging from approximately NRS 2500 to 3000 (around USD 30) for tourists and NRS 2500 for Nepalese passengers.

 Affordable Accommodation Costs in Manaslu Trek

Fear not, as the increased teahouse scene makes finding a place to rest an easy feat. Typically, a twin-sharing room comes at a reasonable price range of approximately USD 6 to USD 9 per night. 

However, if you opt for a room with two twin beds for solo use, bear in mind that you’ll need to cover the entire room cost, designed for two occupants. Best Accommodation Standards in the Manaslu Region.

Guide/Porter costs

It is essential to have a guide because the Manaslu Circuit trek is difficult and its regulations.

You will have the best time with the help of a guide and have more information about your culture, natural beauty and many more. The professional guide has a lot of experience in the field of guide. Most of the guides in Nepal are friendly, calm and humble. A guide will cost you around $25-$40 per day which is more affordable. covering the food, accommodation and insurance expenses 

On the other hand, the important thing is that a specialist is about porters and porters aren’t compulsory but doing a trek for a long period it is very difficult to handle all the bags. They are helpful and porters can carry around 25 kg of luggage per day. Hiring a porter can make your journey more comfortable. They usually charge around USD 30-40 per day, which includes food, meals, accommodation and insurance.

Insurance costs for Manaslu Circuit 

Without adequate travel insurance, a relaxing journey is impossible. The expense of emergency care and evacuation in the case of illness or injury is rather alarming. As a result, we heartily advise purchasing travel insurance for everyone who books Manaslu Circuit Trek with Green Valley Nepal Trek.

 We advise you to exercise caution when selecting coverage because some insurers have unique exclusions for adventurous travel. Make sure your insurer is aware of the Green Valley Nepal schedule you to intend to follow and is willing to cover all of the activities being engaged in during the trip before purchasing insurance

The Cost Of Food on the Manaslu Trek 

Due to its remote location in Nepal, the cost of food on the Manaslu Trek tends to be higher compared to Kathmandu, with limited menu options available  because transportation becomes more challenging at higher altitudes, especially in remote areas

The cost for food estimate would be around USD 5-7 per meal, totalling approximately USD 20 to 25 daily. You might not be able to eat continental food where you’re trekking

While some tea houses may offer meat options like chicken, mutton, or pork, beef is notably scarce in this area. Before ordering any meat dishes, it’s valuable to consult your guide regarding the freshness of the available options.

Tipping for Guide and Porters

The happiness of the clients there will be the trekking route difficulty levels and they will give you the best services on the duration of the trek, so that it plays a vital role in dictating the amount of the trek. 

Since the Manaslu circuit trek lasts for 12 to 15 days with a moderate level of difficulty, many people prefer to give tips for about 10% to 15% of the total trekking cost. Some people even consider tipping guides and porters with 15% of their salary.

Tipping On Group:

Trekking Guide- USD $10 to $20 per day

Tour guides- USD 10 to $20 per day

Porters- USD 10 to $15 per day

Tipping  While Solo Trekking:

Trekking Guide– USD 10 per day
Tour guide– USD 10 per day
Porters– USD 10 per day


How difficult is the Mera Peak climb?

The trekking route is challenging and explores a remote area where everything is limited. The trail has uncountable ascents and descents along steep, rocky, and forested paths. Similarly, the trekkers have to survive on bare minimum services and confront high altitudes.

How do I pay for the trip?

When you are going to book your trip, You can pay at the time of booking confirmation through an online platform or upon arrival. One mandatory to Seattle is the balance before the departure date. For pay, there are many options such as online or cash( Nepali, USD, EURO and many more)

 How to be safe from altitude sickness?

What we assure is that the chances of you getting altitude sickness following our Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary will be quite low. For instance, if you get altitude sickness, then our professional crew will take care of you and make sure to help you get over it.

How long does the Manaslu Trek take?

Manaslu Guide provides an exciting 14-day Manaslu Trek. Arrival and departure dates are also included in our Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary.

Is there electricity in tea houses to charge my camera and cell phone?

You will get electricity in most of the villages to charge your camera and cell phone. Some places may ask you for a few extra bucks to let you use their charging stations. 

At Gumpa Lungdang and Dharmasala, you will not get to charge your device. Do carry extra batteries for your convenience. You can also buy a solar charger.

Will I need oxygen on the Manaslu Circuit trek?

No, most Manaslu Circuit Trekkers do not require supplementary oxygen. Furthermore, our Manaslu Circuit Trek route includes adequate acclimatization days to let trekkers adjust to the height as it climb.

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